Why Men Get Mad When Women Give "Useful" Advices?

Lilit Amiraghyan


Men value power, competency and achievement. Accordingly, they do things to prove their ability to achieve goals (which is very important for them).

Men tend to be autonomous in solving problems and achieving goals. For this reason, usually they don't like talking about their problems. They do talk if they want to share and get some advices and ideas, but they don't like when women give unasked advices.

When woman gives unwanted advices and corrects man, like, how to do and what to do, man feels controlled and feels like his woman doesn't trust him and doesn't believe that he can do it, that he can find solutions and solve problems. He doesn't feel the power and the competence.


  1. We should let our men make autonomous decisions to achieve their goals themselves, so that they can feel powerful and competent.

  2. We don't need to correct them or tell them what to do, if they don't ask for advices.

  1. They will tell us and ask for our advices and opinions when they need or want.