Essential Tips to Deal With Jealousy

Lilit Amiraghyan


I present you the two essential tips to deal with jealousy:

TALK HONESTLY and CALMLY to your partner

If you experience jealousy very often, the best thing you can do is to talk to your partner. Tell him/her for example that you don't like that he/she pays too much attention on other women/men, spends much time chatting with someone from surroundings, is "always" in social media etc. Be honest with him/her and tell what makes you feel sad and what you don't like connected to his interactions with the opposite gender people.

  1. Find your passion! What do you like to do the most? If it's reading, writing or some type of sport, join a corresponding club. If you like dancing, you can go to dancing classes etc. Thus you can do more of what you like and work on it to develop and to make friends with the same interest.

  2. Eat healthier food, do physical exercises, sleep enough hours and meditate, because taking care about our body improves not only our health but also our self-esteem.

Working on your self-esteem can improve your relationship with beloved.