4 Important Movies About Relationships

Lilit Amiraghyan


There are many good quality movies about love and relationship, which can be pleasant and (or) useful to realize some things about your relationship. These movies help you to see your relationship from the side, to see the possible results and teach you some important things.

In this post I will mention 4 of them:

1. "The Notebook" is about the power of true love. The loving couple goes through many difficulties and struggles to save their love.

2. "The Story of Us" is about a married couple who are unhappy and fight a lot, but tries to seem happy when children are around.

3. "Revolutionary Road" shows how codependence makes people unhappy and destroys their lives.

4. "When Harry Met Sally" shows the importance of friendship in love.

As you noticed, "The Notebook" and "When Harry Met Sally" are about happy relationships; they can be inspiring for your relationship and can help it bloom again (if you are in the relationship already for a long time).

What about "The Story of Us" and "Revolutionary Road," they can show you how unhappy and tragic can be a relationship if is based on codependence (instead of love), wrong choices and staying together just for kids, while there is no love.