How to Get Out of an Unhealthy Relationship?

Lilit Amiraghyan


Here you can find some tips to get out of unhealthy relationship:

Recognize the dysfunctional behavior of your partner

If your partner abuses you physically, verbally, if he/she cheats, lies, expresses unhealthy jealousy and controls over you, it talks about a dysfunctional behavior and is a sign of an unhealthy relationship.

Think about the reason why you have such a relationship

Often people who had a dysfunctional family, and saw for example how father treated mother and kids using abusive words, belittling, beating, is possible that they choose abusive partners just because their behavior is familiar and they know what to expect and how to respond. Is a very common thing also choosing partners that are like our father (in case of women) or mother (in case of men) for the same reason and especially if we just admire our opposite sex parent.

It is also possible that you don't consider you worthy enough to be treated better and to have a partner who will be loving and caring about you. Realizing why you got into an unhealthy relationship is a very important step to walk out of it.

Make a final decision

Don't be hesitant and don't ask for breaks. Make it clear that you are serious and firm about it. Make a final decision, no matter how hard it is and break up. If you know or suspect that your partner can behave violently and can hurt you after hearing you, don't meet him/her alone, go with a family member or a close friend (with someone who cares about you).

Don't be afraid of staying alone

Many people are afraid of staying alone and because of that fear they don't break up. The reason can be the self-esteem lowered since childhood or bad experiences from previous relationships. The low self-esteem can be lowered by the dysfunctional partner who constantly teases, abuses verbally claiming that nobody cares about you, you can't achieve anything, you are stupid etc. You deserve a much better and respectful treatment. It is better to stay alone for a while to "heal" and to revalue yourself. Also remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE, even if you got distant from your relatives and friends because of the partner, they will be always ready to help you and to support you before and after the breakup.

Work on yourself

After getting out of an unhealthy abusive relationship, not to meet the same kind of person again, you should change your behavior and some beliefs. You should revalue yourself and take care about your mind, your emotions and your body. Self help books can be very efficient . You can also go for yoga classes and/or go to a psychologist.