Letting Him to Be In His "Cave"

Lilit Amiraghyan


When a man goes home after work and shows less attention to his woman, the latter mistakenly thinks that he ignores her. That is possible depending on their relationship problems and many factors. But here I will mention more details from John Gray's book about the differences of men and women.

Thus, in mentioned case, the reason can be a problem that the man got at work. When men get a problem, they go to their "cave" (in their mind) to find a solution. They don't show much attention, because they are "absent" thinking about the problem and trying to find a solution.

If a woman knows how men cope with stress, she will let her man in "peace;" she will not get hurt and will not demand explanations.

After solving the problem the man goes out of his "cave" and shows love, warmth and attention to his woman as usual.

But if the man doesn't find a solution, he tries to solve smaller problems to stop thinking about the big one. He plays a videogame, reads news, plays football, etc.