How to Know If Your Partner Truly Loves You? (Signs)

Lilit Amiraghyan


Nowadays seems like the words “I love you” have lost their value. The reason is that many people use these words without really meaning them, and, accordingly, many people start suspecting if their partner truly loves them.

So, here are some signs that can help you understand if your partner truly loves you:

  1. No matter how busy he/she is, he always finds time to interact with you. It can be very short but he finds it. He finds time to call you, to text you, to see you and just to interact with you. Here is the same; if someone wants to do something, he/she always finds time to do it. If he loves you and he really wants to interact with you, he finds time and ways to do it.

  2. He shares with you his worries, his feelings, his achievements, his failures, as well as tells you about his future goals.

  3. You are a part of his plans. If he sees you in his future, in his future goals, it means that he wants to see you by his side, he wants to be with you and wants to be in a strong, long-term relationship with you.

  4. He trusts, supports and helps you to achieve your dreams, as well as gets honestly happy for your achievements and successes.