Why "Beautiful" People Choose "Ugly" Partners?

Lilit Amiraghyan


Why does "handsome" men choose "ugly" women and "beautiful" women choose "ugly" men?

This question can be heard by different people, while THE WORD "UGLY" IS SUBJECTIVE. Everyone has different interests and preferences, and considers beautiful such features that aren't that beautiful for someone else etc.

But in this post I want to tell the answer of the mentioned question (although personally I think that everyone can have something beautiful: eyes, nose, hair, soul etc. and not to be called ugly, which, in my opinion, is a quite extreme word to use in such context).

The reason why people choose "ugly" partners is here: people don't choose their partner just for their perfect look and beautiful appearance; THEY CHOOSE SOMEONE WHO HAS A BEAUTIFUL INNER WORLD, WHO GIVES THEM LOVE, WARMTH AND CARE, WHO IS KIND, HONEST, UNDERSTANDING etc. And they never choose an "ugly" partner, because IF THEY CHOOSE, MEANS FOR THEM THE PERSON HAS AN ATTRACTIVE APPEARANCE AS WELL.

Even though it has an important role in the beginning of the relationship, don't forget that APPEARANCE IS NOT ENOUGH FOR CHOOSING A PARTNER; inner qualities are even more important, at least for a long term relationship.