The Main Reasons of Jealousy

Lilit Amiraghyan


The reasons of jealousy are different. I want to talk about the following common reasons: the low self-esteem and the lack of trust in the relationship.

  1. Low self-esteem

Nowadays many people don't have a sufficient self-esteem, which effects differently on almost all the spheres of their lives, including romantic relationships. If someone thinks that he/she is not good enough at some activity, is not beautiful/handsome, smart, attractive, successful, kind enough etc., he/she thinks that someone else in surroundings is better by certain qualities and can be more attractive to the partner.

  1. The lack of trust in relationship

The second common reason of jealousy is the lack of trust in relationship. People don't trust their partner and suspect that he/she can cheat on them. It can be because of a bad experience in previous relationships or because the partner has already cheated once or is also possible that you noticed him/her flirting with someone else or paying too much attention to another men/women.