What does Giving Some Space to Partner Mean?

Lilit Amiraghyan


Giving some space to partner means letting him/her:

  1. Work on self-development, learning new skills (such as: learning a new language, meditating, doing yoga, dancing, etc.),

  2. Do what he/she likes, wants (I mean hobbies) and needs, even if you don't like it a lot,

  3. Do activities without you (going for a walk/to run/shopping, etc.),

  4. Meet relatives and friends not only with you but also alone, if you don't feel like going,

  5. Make decisions alone as well, if it is about her clothing, career, plans, etc.

It is very important to SUPPORT your partner. It WILL just STRENGTHEN your RELATIONSHIP. But sure, if there are things about which you have some suspicions, it is better to tell him/her and to explain your view and how it is not that beneficial or positive to do; even if your partner doesn't like it, he/she will see how much you CARE and how ATTENTIVE you are. Otherwise, if you just say yes to everything, he/she can think you don't care at all.

CONCLUSION: Give some space and some freedom to your partner, but also don't forget to express your opinion about certain things and sometimes give advices to show that you love and care about him/her.