5 Signs of Unhealthy Relationships

Lilit Amiraghyan


Healthy relationships are wonderful: they give wings, motivate, raise self-esteem, make more confident. They have constructive meaning. Unhealthy relationships are destructive: they lower self-esteem, make unconfident, discourage. How to understand if your relationship is healthy or unhealthy? Below are 5 signs of unhealthy relationships:

  1. Isolation

Your partner doesn't let you spend time with your parents, relatives and friends. He/she talks negatively about them using abusive words and phrases.

  1. "Captivity"

Besides not letting you spend time with other close people, partner doesn't let you go for a walk alone. Or if you go to buy something, he/she comes after you. Always checks with whom you talk, text, he/she decides with whom you communicate and with whom not.

  1. Belittling

Partner makes humiliating jokes. Even in presence of others he makes you a laughing stock, tells about your personal secrets. And if you complain, he says you are too sensitive or that you don't have a sense of humor.

  1. Lowering of self-esteem

Partner uses unhealthy criticism talking about your choice of apparel, hairstyle, job, ideas and dreams. He insists that you won't achieve anything, that you are useless. He uses humiliating jokes connected to your appearance and personality.

  1. Constant arguments

The arguments, as a result of which partners improve their mutual understanding, come to a general agreement, have constructive meaning and are even needed for building healthy relationships. But constant arguments, in which one or both partners abuse each other, both verbally and physically, speak of an unhealthy relationship.