The Reasons Why Partner Criticizes a Lot

Lilit Amiraghyan


When the partner criticizes a lot, it is hard to understand what is wrong with him/her and we start blaming our partner loudly or in mind.

Well, the main reasons, why partner criticizes much, are the lack of attention and egoism. If you have such experiences often, consider the followings:

  1. Is your partner so much critical only with you or with all in general? Pay attention how he/she interacts with others.

  2. If is only with you, think do you give and show him/her "enough" love and attention? Do you prioritize your partner?

    Talk to him/her more, show more attention and love, spend quality time together and after some time you can see positive changes.

    But is also very important to discuss why is he/she so critical and to ask what lacks in your relationship according to the partner.

  3. If your partner is so critical to all people, the reason can be egoism. Shortly said, egoist people act basing on their interests and benefits.

    Egoists are quite confident about themselves being always right and don't accept that they can be wrong and don't consider others' opinions and suggestions.

    Accordingly, they make others wrong and criticize everyone who thinks or acts differently from them.