Dysfunctional Families; The Reasons and Tips to Become Functional

Lilit Amiraghyan


Unfortunately, besides many functional families there are many dysfunctional families. In such families some or all functions aren't performed and satisfied.

The reason can be:

1. The lack of knowledge,

2. Parental family/families was/were dysfunctional,

3. Drug, alcohol or another type of addiction,

4. Financial difficulties,

5. Arranged marriage (in eastern countries),

6. Low self-esteem,

7. Different values and worldview,

8. Health problems.

Families where the family members realize that their family is dysfunctional and which want to become functional, can change by:

1. Self-education, self-growth and spiritual enrichment,

2. Getting treatment to stop addiction(s),

3. Taking care about physical and mental health going to the gym or to swimming, meditating, and (or) doing yoga,

4. Going to a psychologist. A psychologist can help you to know yourself better, to raise your self-esteem, improve your well-being and your relationship with your partner and other family members, etc.