How to Make Him Feel Needed?

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Lilit Amiraghyan


All over the world women were and are the biggest motivators of men. As I mentioned in my previous post, men are motivated when they feel needed. Here I will give some tips to help you to make him feel needed:

1. ASK him FOR HELP - sometimes there are things which are a little or quite difficult, such as taking heavy bags, opening or getting something etc. but we do ourselves thinking "it's ok, not a big deal." It is totally fine and even good to ask sometimes your man for help (sure if he isn't too busy or already doing something else).

2. BE GRATEFUL, APPRECIATE AND PRAISE him - Every time he helps you, does something for you or gives gifts, make sure you thank him and appreciate his efforts, regardless of the nature of the favor. Praise his intellect, strength, honesty, kindness and all other qualities you notice in his actions and intentions. Don't take anything for granted.

3. SUPPORT him - support your man with his ideas and plans. Tell him and show that you believe in him and that HE CAN DO IT.

4. TRUST him - Trust and let him make decisions. For example, he wants to start a business and is very excited about it, don't suspect him and make him hesitate or give up. Instead, give advices if he asks for or if you feel it can be helpful but keep it positive, don't be rude and don't try to show him that you are smarter than him etc. like many women do.

5. LISTEN to him - When he wants to share with you his emotions, ideas and plans, leave your current activity for a while and listen to him. Thus he will feel that you give importance to him and to his inner world.