Which are the Features of a Healthy Relationship?

Lilit Amiraghyan


A healthy relationship has the following features:
  • In a healthy and harmonious relationship partners RESPECT each other. They respect each other's personal characteristics, preferences, hobbies, jobs etc. It is also important to respect each other's families.

  • Partners TRUST each other. They don't stalk each other or check on with whom the beloved is texting or talking, or where he/she goes etc. They trust their partner and know that he/she will never do anything odd: they trust in partner's love. And in case there is something that seems suspicious or strange, it is much better to ask about it instead of getting jealous and distant.

  • They COMMUNICATE. They share their failures and achievements. Partners that are in a healthy relationship, talk about their feelings and emotions as well.

  • Partners always find time to SUPPORT each other. No matter how busy they are, at least for a short time they are always there for each other in case one of them needs support.

  • Partners spend QUALITY TIME together. Is possible that one of them or both of them are very busy with the job. But minimum once or twice per month is very important to spend a quality time together going to cinema, going for a walk or doing an activity together besides housework. It is needed to keep the romantic feelings awake.